Explore the BASF Insights stories readers enjoyed most last year, including bio-based solutions, wood coatings, and UV absorbers.​

Throughout last year, we shared all manner of developments from BASF Dispersions & Resins. After crunching the numbers and analyzing the data, we've put together a list of the pieces that resonated most with readers.

1. Meeting the growing demand for bio-based solutions

With current estimates predicting we're at risk of running out of fossil fuels within the next 150 years, there's never been a better time to transition from non-renewable fossil resources to renewable, bio-based solutions.

In this article, we discussed the approaches BASF is taking to introduce renewable materials into the value chain, and how we're working to reduce our absolute CO2 emissions by 25% by 2030 and achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

2. Bring clarity and confidence to wood coatings with JONCRYL® 9530-A

As the coatings industry moves from solvent-borne offerings to waterborne solutions, dispersions like JONCRYL 9530-A are coming into their own.

In this article, we looked at the product's properties when it comes to woodgrain enhancement and protection, its appearance when applied, and its waterborne characteristics.

3. Quiz: Explore our RHEOVIS® portfolio

BASF's rheology modifiers effectively reduce dripping and spattering of paints during roller and brush applications, and reliably prevent sedimentation of pigments during their transportation and storage.

But how much do you know about our rheology modifiers? Take this short quiz to find out.

4. A new UV absorber and light stabilizer blend enters the ring

Over time, UV rays can degrade coatings and compromise performance. Plus, with the planet warming up, the need for protection has never been more important. Thanks to BASF light stabilizers and UV absorbers, change is afoot.

In this article, we looked at what causes photodegradation, mitigating those effects, and the range of light stabilizers and UV absorbers BASF offers.

5. Quiz: Epoxy coatings & additives

In industries and applications like concrete flooring, handles, screw drivers, and adhesives, additives can be an enabler of epoxy coatings.

However, do you know how different additives can bring value to epoxy coatings? Do you know what's appropriate and not appropriate when it comes to these coatings? Take this short quiz to find out.

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