In consumer packaging, color consistency is essential — particularly when it comes to upholding your brand

Sending you warm wishes on this first day of summer. I hope you’re able to use those extra minutes of daylight wisely.

This time of year is full of color: bright greens from well-watered plants, trees and grass, somber grays from the near-constant cloudy skies and rainy days… or least that’s the spring we’ve had here in Michigan. Benetton had a tagline in 80’s: "All the colors of the world", and fittingly BASF is able to bring a world of colors to our customers through our effective pigment dispersing resins. Our newest offering in this range, Joncryl HPD 496-A, enables our customers to formulate inks that adhere to an expanded array of global regulatory standards and support stringent brand owner requirements.

This article from Packaging Strategies outlines some of the challenges that printers encounter in their quest for consistent brand colors. Coca Cola Red is different from Netflix Red, which is different from Target Red, which is different from Kellogg’s Red ... get the picture? Consistency and accuracy in brand colors are important for a printer to be successful but this can be impacted by many factors, including lighting, ink color and substrate. Using our high-performance and high-quality products is certainly a good start.

Some thoughts on color:

  • "Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." – Claude Monet
  • "I have lived a pretty colorful life." – Corey Feldman


Have a fantastic weekend,

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The Importance of Color in Consumer Packaging

Whatever your brand, your product line will be more appealing if the color is consistent across your entire packaging program. Here are common color issues encountered in packaging design, and how to solve them.

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