Today, many different types of foam-control agents are employed in UV, water-based, and solvent based coatings. However, selecting the proper one, its use level, and the incorporation method for a specific coating or ink formulation can be quite challenging. In addition to effective foam control, the compatibility of the defoamer in a formulation must be balanced to avoid defects and ensure functionality of the overall coating. Additives play a key role in both the production and application of UV coatings. 

This webinar will introduce BASF’s new silicone-free, zero VOC defoamer, EFKA®️ PB 2770, which effectively manages in-process and application foam without compromising inter-coat adhesion. During the event, we will demonstrate the superior combability and effectiveness of EFKA PB 2770 in various applications.

This webinar is intended for industrial and printing/packaging professionals including:

  • Technical directors
  • Product development / R&D managers
  • Formulators / Bench chemists


Note: This webinar was delivered April 28, 2021. 
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We reserve the right to decline registration and post webinar access requests from competitors and entities that may result in conflict of interests.




Anthony Moy:
Technical Specialist, Formulation Additives:
Transportation, Industrial, Furniture & Flooring

Tony is responsible for transportation, industrial, furniture, and flooring market segments as well as being the primary expert for dispersing agents within the BASF formulation additives team. He has been with BASF for eight years and has been in the coatings industry for 31 years, working in diverse areas such as fluoropolymers, refrigerants, inkjet, automotive and industrial coatings. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.

Charlie Hsu:
Technical Specialist, Formulation Additives:
Printing & Packaging

Charlie is responsible for printing packaging market segments as well as being the primary expert for wetting agents and adhesion promoters within the BASF formulation additives team. He has been with BASF for 13 years and has been in the chemical industry for decades. His working experience includes pigments, flexographic, digital printing, and polymers/ resins for graphic arts. He has master’s degree in chemical engineering from Lehigh University.

Erin Moore:
Marketing Manager, Formulation & Performance Additives NA

Erin is responsible for the marketing and business development of additives in North America, and has been with BASF for two years. Her previous experience includes various commercial roles within BASF’s Leadership Development program and, formerly, as sustainability manager in higher education. Erin earned her MBA from the University of Maryland, College Park. and her B.S. in Meteorology from the North Carolina State University.