Selecting the right products to complete the project

When it comes to mortar and concrete applications using latex, the list is plentiful.

The product is used in a broad range of construction applications from use as a bonding agent or modifier to decorative stamp concrete; self-leveling underlayments and overlayments; spray applied mortars; waterproofing applications; tile adhesives; synthetic stucco; pool plaster; concrete patch and repair; and much more.

With all the different applications comes a wide array of challenges. These challenges can be met by selecting the optimum specialty additives in combination with liquid latex. But, it can be difficult to select which product, or combination of products, will give the best result. So, how does an applicator choose the right products for a job? The answer is simple: ask the experts.

"These are technical mortars. More than, say, concrete that you’ll find on a standard driveway, these rely on several chemistries in order to function in a specific application. There’s a lot more technology that goes into this. Experts and a portfolio of products will get you there," explains Dan Haines, Lab Director for Azelis, distribution partner for BASF.

Azelis works with customers to ensure they have the right formulations for their applications.

"We help with working through customer specific challenges and overall applications," says Jessica Silva, Director of Labs, Americas, Azelis. "They know the application, so we formulate to help them get over a hurdle or innovate a solution… we’ll experiment with customer-specific mortars in our labs and tweak the exact formulation to solve their problems."

"BASF has great products and technology advancements addressing the customers’ needs. Azelis is here to help them get it to the customers, working with them on specific formulations in the lab," Haines adds.

To assist customers with finding the right latex solutions for their mortar and concrete applications, BASF and Azelis are partnering on a new webinar titled, "Using latex and additives to overcome mortar application challenges."

This complimentary resource will cover many of the mortar and concrete applications that use latex and offer solutions for latex and specialty additives in mortar and concrete applications.

For more information or to register, click here.

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