There was a time, not long ago, when you could set your watch by the timeliness of your weekly Simon Says, now it’s as unreliable as rainfall in an Australian summer.

This week, let’s move away from the usual topics of e-commerce and sustainable packaging for a moment to look at print media. In Print Power's article Why Print Media they outline the case for printed media as an integral part of a company’s marketing mix. In a Simon Says of yester-year, before it even had that name, I sent out an infographic from HP around the power and impact of direct mail (shown here). Think about your own interaction with email vs. mail; it’s so easy to avoid messages from advertisers in your email inbox using the ever-satisfying delete button, but with direct mail you at least have to open the mail to make sure it’s not something important (Maybe that’s just me, maybe you’re more a Russian roulette mail opener, it takes all kinds and I won’t judge). Not only are customers more likely to see and read printed advertising messages, they may also believe them more, as indicated below “Levels of trust in traditional news overall remain strong at 58%, while printed magazines top the pile at 72%.”- so by advertising in print applications, brand owners are able to align with a trusted consumer information source.


Traditionally, direct mail and print media have been produced using offset printing presses.  As the printing industry remains ultra-competitive, printers are seeking every cost advantage and looking to leverage every efficiency. With the ability to produce high-quality, consistent printed substrate from economical long runs of increasing graphical quality, flexographic printing is becoming a more viable option. 


Do your part by opening and reading all your mail; forget QVC, buy everything via magazine…and maybe e-commerce.


Have a great weekend!

Why Print Media

Published in Print Power

Here, we reflect on the evolution of the media landscape – and seven reasons why print media should form part of the marketing mix

In a world of unfounded biases, questionable metrics and marketing jargon, we’re all searching for media that makes a measurable impact. But an evolving, expanding and increasingly fragmented landscape is making it difficult for agencies and brands to decipher how print media figures into the mix. ...

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