In an industry with its own traditions and history, Joncryl® products help support the industry’s past and future.


I've always loved history. It's probably the subject that I read the most about in my free time. I appreciate that its signs, and sometimes its scars, can be found everywhere; physically at the site of notable historic events and culturally as a component of our collective societal memory. I feel quite fortunate, therefore, to work in such a historically significant industry as printing, and to work at BASF where we have over 150 years of our own history.

From the time of Gutenberg and his bibles, through to the pamphlets of Thomas Paine that spurred the American Revolution, and on to the Hearst/Pulitzer yellow journalism of the late 19th century, for better or worse, printing is woven into our history.

Over the last century, the packaging industry and the printing of consumer packages enabled the building of valuable and iconic brands using vivid signature colors and flashy logos. There's not much that would be possible in consumer society as we know it without contributions from the long history of printing.

The ink industry that has developed to support the printing and packaging market also has a lot of history and many notable characters. I've had the chance to meet and work with many people from this group, including those with several decades of time spent in the ink game.

There's not much that would be possible in consumer society as we know it without contributions from the long history of printing.

Simon Foster

Head of Global Marketing, Resins for Paper

In more recent years, they've had to navigate large industry and societal changes brought on by global consolidation and digitalization. These industry leaders are often recognized with the appropriately named "Pioneer Award" as well as the industry's highest honor, the "Ault Award", from the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers, or NAPIM, for their contributions to the industry.

I had the opportunity to join the NAPIM Spring Convention a few weeks ago. Each time I attend I am reminded of the storied history of the industry, its traditions, and its people. It's such an honor to be there in person to celebrate the winners of these awards as their names are added to a long list of impressive individuals. Another chapter in the long book of printing ink history.

Our Joncryl products have also played a significant supporting role in the printing ink industry's evolution. Originally developed for 'strippable floors', they provide effective qualities in printing applications and enabled the transition from solvent to water-based printing in the later 1970s into the 1980s.

With over 50 years of history, the Joncryl portfolio has contributed greatly to the printing and packaging industry, and there's much more impact to come as that portfolio continues to grow to meet the next market needs and challenges.

Historically yours,
- Simon

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