Ultraform® POM

The Ultraform thermoplastic polyoxymethylene (POM) copolymers from BASF encompasses versatile engineering plastics with a wide variety of characteristics for use in complex and heavy-duty components. Ultraform grades offer everything you need from an engineering material. They combine high rigidity and strength with superb resilience, favorable sliding friction characteristics, as well as, good dimensional stability even under the influence of mechanical forces, in contact with many chemicals, fuels and other media, and at elevated temperatures.

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Ultramid® PA

BASF’s Ultramid polyamide (PA) grades are molding compounds on the basis of PA6, PA66 and various co-polyamides such as PA66/6. Noted for its high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal stability, Ultramid PA offers good toughness at low temperatures, favorable sliding friction behavior and can be processed without any problems. Thanks to its excellent properties, this material has become indispensable in almost all sectors of engineering for a wide range of different components and machine elements, as a high-grade electrical insulation material and for many special applications.

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Ultramid Advanced PPA Portfolio

One portfolio – many possibilities. Based on four polyphthalamide (PPA) polymers and supplemented by BASF’s Ultrasim simulation tool, makes it possible to choose the best material for the right part with a matching, tailor-made application profile.

Ultramid Advance Portfolio:

  • Ultramid Advanced N (PA9T)
  • Ultramid Advanced T1000 (PA6T/6I)
  • Ultramid Advanced T2000 (PA6T/66)
  • Ultramid T KR (PA6T/66)
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