Exceed performance criteria for every code, every climate, every application.

Spray-applied and seamless, our polyurethane technologies conform exactly to any shape or contour, locking in leak-free comfort and energy efficiency. Offering both closed-cell and open-cell options, our spray foam products are designed to meet your specific needs.


WALLTITE provides highest-performing combination insulation and air barrier systems available today. With an insulation R-value of 6.7 per inch and an air permeability rating of <0.001 L/s/m2 @ 75 Pa at 1.5-inch thickness, the WALLTITE system makes a significant contribution to improved energy efficiency, durability and comfort

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Engineered for houses SPRAYTITE® closed-cell spray polyurethane foam technology is the two-for-one solution for residentialbuilders – a fully-tested, field-proven combination insulation and air barrier system.

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ENERTITE® G is a low density open-cell spray applied foam system. can be used in a variety of locations, including attics, as well partition and exterior walls. It quickly expands to fill wall, roof or floor cavities, creating a better indoor air environment and reducing energy costs. This low VOC system also helps a home stay quieter and cleaner, helping control air leakage and the dust, bugs and allergens that come with it.

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Neopor® GPS (Graphite Polystyrene) rigid insulation

The rigid insulation material Neopor® is a construction grade, graphite enhanced polystyrene (GPS) insulation. Its low carbon footprint is achieved through specially embedded graphite particles giving its grey color and that reflect heat radiation like a mirror reducing heat loss. The foam is produced by BASF’s exclusive partner network in more than 30 locations across North America and is suitable for both above and below grade applications.

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HP+ Building Enclosure Systems

The HP+™ Wall System is available in multiple assemblies in the North American market. Each is engineered to include a unique combination of the select products from BASF’s proven portfolio and to meet the demands of various climate zones as well as code requirements.

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