Personalized traffic coatings protect your structure and deliver lasting impressions to customers

Concrete parking structures are expensive to build and maintain. When they are shut down not only do you pay for repair services, you also lose out on the income your structure would otherwise be generating. That's why it's critical to have effective protection in place. Previously, this meant standard gray traffic coatings to safeguard concrete from the detrimental effects of water and other elements. Technological advancements, however, have paved the way for new coating solutions that can be personalized to reflect your unique brand, without sacrificing any protective qualities.

Why invest in a personalized traffic coating solution?

When it comes to protecting the actual concrete, standard alternatives get the job done. However, they provide little when it comes to making an impression on customers. A structure that has been color matched to a particular logo, on the other hand, offers a cohesive, branded experience from the get-go. Whether attached to a hotel, sports stadium, corporate building or store, a parking garage is often the first encounter customers have with a business. So, personalizing your traffic coatings will likely increase revenue.

Branding this space with a colorized traffic coating allows businesses to introduce themselves and build an immediate connection to anyone passing through their facilities. It elicits emotion, whether it's a sense of anticipation and excitement in preparing to cheer on a favorite team, or the pride an employee feels when pulling into their corporate parking space.

Personalized traffic coatings also make your structure more user-friendly, especially in parking garages, which are notorious for their tight spaces and dim lighting. While signs can be difficult to read, directional arrows painted onto the structure itself makes for easier navigation – especially when you consider 65 percent of the population are visual learners (and 100 percent dislike getting lost in parking garages). Similarly, brightly painted handicap parking spaces or electric car charging stations can be identified immediately. "It improves the driver's orientation and enhances the overall customer experience," explains Jay Patel, Industry Sector Manager, Parking & Stadiums at Master Builders Solutions.

How do you pick a traffic coating solution?

Before jumping in and selecting your next traffic coating solution, it's important to know what to look for. While personalization capabilities are beneficial, solutions also need to meet some performance requirements in order to do the job right. Firstly, the solutions must effectively waterproof the deck. They should also be durable and capable of withstanding heavy traffic.

High-Performance Option: MasterSeal TC 295 Tint Base Top Coat

MasterSeal TC 295 Tint Base from Master Builders Solutions is a high-performing traffic coating that meets the robust protective requirements of traffic bearing areas in parking garages and stadiums. It also offers extensive personalization options. A trusted product in the traffic coatings portfolio, MasterSeal TC 295 Tint Base includes 40 base color choices. It can also be custom color matched with any color.

"This is a traffic bearing solution that ensures your structure is protected, improved and personalized," says Patel.

Based on 2-component reactive chemistry, Master Seal TC 295 Tint Base offers a quick return to service. It's easy to mix, apply and install. "Our customers know they can rely on Master Builders Solutions to get consistent results that meets their expectations," adds Patel.

Structure owners can enhance the appearance and experience of their buildings, without having to sacrifice their essential protective needs. Whether it's expressing a brand personality or directing customers seamlessly through a complicated space, the options with personalized traffic coatings are limitless.

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