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American Coatings Show 2018

Thank you for joining us at ACS 2018

Paints and coatings play an integral part in the preservation and protection of the items, large and small, to which they are applied. Almost everything we interact with has a coating applied to it. Coatings extend performance and protect the object from detrimental environmental factors.

Whether formulators are looking to improve processes or enhance performance, we recognize the needs and trends of the coatings industry. Our focus at the American Coatings Show is to address key trends, their challenges and how to leverage our resources to overcome them.


Product Spotlight Information

Wish you were there? Download a copy of our product spotlights to see what you missed.

BASF Corporation
Tinuvin® 249

A Cost Effective and Highly Compatible HALS

With Dr. Aditi Chavannavar

BASF Corporation
Joncryl® OH 8314

Waterborne 2K with End of Pot Life Indication

With Dr. Tony Neely

BASF Corporation
Ultrex® HP

Ultrex HP enhanced TiO2

With Ashok Khokhani

BASF Corporation

Ionic Additives: Chemistry for conductivity

With Andy Recker